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Flammable powder for large fire special effects at the UK's most competitive price!

We also offer great deals on larger quantities with wholesale prices: 10KG - RRP £600 - Bulk Discount, 10% off - £540. Please contact us by email to enquire/order and get a courier quote.

Lycopodium powder is a yellow-tan dust-like powder, consisting of the dry spores of clubmoss plants, or various fern relatives. When it is mixed with air, the spores formed are highly flammable and are used to create flashes or flames as theatrical special effects.The powder is consists of the dry spores of clubmoss plants, or various fern relatives principally in the genera Lycopodium and Diphasiastrum. The preferred source species are Lycopodium clavatum (wolf's-foot clubmoss) and Diphasiastrum digitatum (common groundcedar), because these widespread and often locally abundant species are both prolific in their spore production and easy to collect.

Please note, for any next day deliveries, orders will need to be placed by 12pm Monday to Thursday for your order to be processed in time. Saturday delivery is available, but please email us to arrange as postage will require a different tarrif due to additional courier costs.

Lycopodium Powder

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